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What does a Luckdrops Studio+ come with?

The standard Studio+ unit includes the base model as listed in the technical specifications with Structural components, Internal systems, Interior & Exterior Finishings, Kitchen, Bathroom, Doors, Windows, and Appliances. Each new order also comes with our “Lucky Home Pack” (manuals, keys, Stylish slate house sign, Important contact list, Surprise gift bag). The $78,000 base model also includes: state permitting for New Mexico buyers.

!! Please note that shipping, transportation and on-site installation costs are not included in the base price. For more information on these costs, please contact us.

What's not included with a Luckdrops Studio+ ?

The $78,000 base model does not include: Shipping costs, on-site installation costs, local (county) permitting and upgrades. However, we do offer paid services and consulting to address all of the above.

Where do you Ship to?

We can ship the Studio+ to most locations worldwide as long as the country allows its import and there are reasonable roads for ground transportation to your site.

Can the Studio+ be customized?

Yes, in addition to the color customization options that we offer with every standard model, we also offer some functional upgrades for those interested. These include custom space-saving furniture, wheels, solar panels, and external cladding.

Is the studio+ safe and tested?

Yes! From engineering to build, we have a four step process that ensures that each and every Studio+ is not only safe and secure but is over-engineered to be able to handle unexpected scenarios. Our quality process includes extensive design and testing by a leading structural engineering firm. The Structure and every single component down to the light switches is certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory and undergoes multiple inspections by both US state inspectors as well as international inspection firms SGS and UL. To control all of this, every step of the process is governed and checked against a rigorous quality control program developed by a board of professional architects, engineers, and inspectors.

What can i use a Studio+ for?

One of the best aspects of the Studio+ is its versatility. The most popular use has been as a primary residence, however other uses include: Guest House, Vacation Pad, AirBnb Rental, Dormitory, On-site housing, Hunting Cabin, Retreat housing, Tiny Home on wheels, etc. The options are really unlimited.

Where can I put a Studio+ ?

Studio+ is 2015 IBC, IRC, IECC, UPC, IMC, NEC (NFPA 70), and IFC Compliant and certified. In addition, we can also help with the permitting process for various states in the continental US. Please email us for details.

Do I need my own land?

No. If you don’t know where to put your Studio+ we can recommend friendly counties. We also work with land owners and investors to create managed and unmanaged community projects for like-minded, Eco-friendly homeowners.

Will the Studio+ get too hot or cold?

No. The Studio+ home is constructed and insulated to perform well in the most extreme climates, hot or cold. Highly efficient insulation, built-in electric heating, and energy efficient doors and windows provide superior insulation. This ensures absolute comfort inside the unit in both cold and hot climate zones. The Studio+ also has large windows and doors placed in strategic air-circulating locations, designed to work with the layout. Additionally, an efficient HVAC system allows you to cool or heat the unit in any climate.

How is a Studio+ insulated?

The Luckdrops Studio+ uses a premium 2-component polyurethane spray foam system, which produces a premium seamless, monolithic, and durable closed-cell polyurethane foam air barrier/insulation/vapor retarder suitable for residential and commercial wall applications. In addition, the insulation is separated from the interior with 12.7 mm of gypsum wallboards, which creates an additional thermal barrier. The full assemble provides the following R-values: ceiling – R15, walls – R17, floor – R27.

How long does the order process take?

The entire process from build to arrival on-site, takes about 3-6 months. The build process itself only takes about 30 days with testing and inspections. However, since we go the extra mile to fulfill our 4 step quality assurance process, the build usually takes about 2 months. Shipping and transportation can take up to 1 month, depending on your location. Permitting may also add some time to the process depending on your location.

Do You install my unit on-site?

While not included in the base price, we do offer multiple on-site installation options:

Easy and downright fun! A great choice for anyone with access to a handyman or a weekend to spare. The DIY option is great for anyone looking to save money and get hands-on setting up their new home. Our simple-to-follow DIY option includes all the materials needed to get setup as well as a packet of installation manuals and videos to help you glide through the process.

Structure INSTALLATION – Structure Setup:
Looking for a done-for-you turnkey solution? We’ve got you covered.
Our installation experts take care of all the little on-site setup required. For those wanting to come home and have their unit up and ready to go, we have a team of certified, insured professionals that will take care of all structural installations necessary. Setup generally takes between two to four days and is guaranteed stress-free.

For more information on Studio+ installation, please contact us.

Why did my unit ship without the range oven?

Some countries/states allow us to order individual appliances locally. If we can source the exact same model locally, we may ask for your permission to ship it from a local supplier and have them install it onsite.

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