Stack Park Residences

Bainbridge Island, WA

Luckdrops Properties

Land Terms • Lease

Project Status • Pending

Available Unit Plots • 18

Lot Size • 50,000 sq. ft.

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This site is located in the Southwestern corner of Bainbridge Island.  On two adjacent sides of the build site, a flourishing suburban housing community with stunning block paved roads and modern, stylish houses. The entire compound is gated for security and a quiet and quaint atmosphere throughout. Convenient amenities, shops, and grocery stores, mostly mom and pop stores, are spread throughout with many more options right outside of the residential compound.

Twice per hour, a ferry connects this island to Seattle for an easy commute into and out of the city. Surrounded by lush parkland vegetation, streams, and scenic mountain views, this site offers the perfect combination for those that prefer easy access to high-energy city life while also being able to retreat to a serene natural setting.


The aim of this project will be to explore ways to utilize the Luckdrops Studio+ unit in order to create an organized, high-end living community. With an abundance of land at our disposal, we plan to maximize per-unit property square footage. This translates to around 2000 sq. ft. of space per unit (unit is 320 sq. ft.). We plan to introduce communal spaces to increase the recreational and practical amenities within the community. Community resources include a sauna, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, as well as a community square with small park.

In the spirit of our community-building philosophy, we plan to provide enough spare land per unit to allow residents to create their own unique living and recreational spaces for personal interests such as setting up organic gardens, workshops, art studios, and more.


Bainbridge has a modest population of 24,404 with a regional population growth rate of around 13% between 2000-2003. The regional employment rate sits at 93.8%, with 59.5% of those working in Management & Professional occupations. The median household income is $95,976. Cultural sites include the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, Bloedel Reserve, Islandwood, Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, and Bainbridge Performing Arts. The Island also boasts numerous galleries, shops, museums, bakeries, and restaurants.

Home values on Bainbridge Island tend to be much higher than those in neighboring communities. Residential investment also drives a portion of the local economy by supporting a demand for businesses such as home repair and remodeling, landscaping services, food service, auto repair, interior design, insurance, house cleaning, day care, and municipal services.